Citizens Of The World: A Proposal for the Movement

Please don’t just hashtag this

Kartik Sharma
6 min readAug 4, 2019


A Call To Action to join a coalition of the willing

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about a movement that would be really good to have. Hoping that someone will start it. Classic procrastination and hoping that someone else will do what I think is needed.

I reached a breaking point last week. The amount of energy I was spending being annoyed because this movement does not exist exceeded the amount of energy it would take to at least do my bit in starting one.

About the movement

The idea behind #CitizenOfTheWorld is to have a sense of your civic responsibilities. In parts of the world where there are fewer people, the citizens already have this civic sense. In our beloved country, where the need is much higher because there are just too many of us, we don’t. Imagine a world where the actions of a stranger, your neighbor and your colleagues added up to make your day less tiresome. That’s my limited vision.

For example, how often have you been bothered when someone behind you in a traffic jam keeps honking incessantly? I mean, where the fuck do you want me to go? I won’t vanish from your honking, would I? And if your wish did come true, what is a movement of 2 meters (approximate length of my car) going to accomplish in the grand scheme of the kilometers you need to go to reach wherever you are in a hurry to reach? I am sure there are better things to wish for just in case there’s someone out there listening to your wishes. Remember when Chandler regrets not wishing for a million dollars when Ross’s wish for being married again was heard?

Another instance is when people leaving a meeting room leave behind their used cups of coffee, water and dishes of half eaten biscuits. Worse, they leave things scribbled on the white board and it takes up ten minutes of your meeting just clearing the mess.

The irritation and anger being transmitted into me with little things like these, adds up till it reaches a breaking point…



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